Admission Criteria

After the completion of a registration form your child will be placed on the waiting list. Places will then be allocated according to the Admissions Policy.

Before starting playgroup children must be 3 years old, it is of your child’s best interest to be toilet trained.

Funded Pre-school places will be allocated using the criteria set by the Education Authority.

Settling In

We encourage you to bring your child to the playgroup open day, to help familiarise him/her with the surroundings and staff. If this isn’t possible you are welcome to visit during a play session at a time more convenient for you.

When your child starts playgroup, it is preferable that you stay with him/her for the first session. In addition to giving your child added confidence, this supports the staff and creates an opportunity for the leader to complete the necessary child records. We do not encourage children to bring toys, however, a cuddly blanket or comforter may be brought along if needed.

When you arrive, walk around the playroom together and familiarise yourselves with the choice of playthings. When he/she settles at an activity, take a seat nearby. Please do not leave the room without letting your child and a member of staff know.

When your child has settled and you decide to leave, do so without any fuss. Parents and children often find goodbyes difficult, and if your child should get upset at you leaving, wait in the foyer, and a member of staff will keep you informed. You will feel happier leaving, knowing he/she has settled.